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Leonie van Stuijvenberg

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Differentiation & Specialization course
This is a differentiation exchange course. This means it enables you to develop your professional competences in a different/broader context.

This is also a specialization exchange course. This means it enables you to further deepen your skills and knowledge within your own profession (professional profile).

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This course focuses on the field of neurobiology and advanced and applied immunology.

Developments in understanding our brain and how it affects our behavior have been rapid over the past decade. It will remain a fast growing research field with many job opportunities.

It has become more apparent that inflammation and the immune system play a vital role in the development and severity of brain related diseases. On one hand, neurodegenerative diseases are becoming more and more prevalent in our ageing population. On the other hand, neuro-inflammatory diseases like multiple sclerosis also form a large unmet medical need. Another current development is the study of human microbiota and their role/influence on the (development of) the brain and the immune system. Research into brain diseases and the role of the immune system and inflammation is developing strongly, also regionally in for example world-renowned Donders Institute in Nijmegen.

Students work towards designing and performing a short research project in the field of neuro-immunology aided and/or inspired by the work field. They will be supported by tutors supervising them in journal clubs, setting up the research plan and by guest lectures from the work field. To prepare students for this, they will receive introductory and advanced lectures in neurobiology and immunology as well as practical lessons to learn the techniques necessary for their own research project. Moreover, they will gain the necessary professional skills in tutorial lessons/workshops.

The language of instruction is English. The written exams for students that do not participate in the English variant of the study program, if desired, are provided in Dutch and/or can be answered in Dutch. The professional products must be made in English.



Anatomy of the central and peripheral nervous systems
Neurons and glial cells
Signaling and synaptic transmission
Plasticity and behaviour
The gut-brain-axis
Applied neurobiology


Defense against bacteria and viruses
Tumor immunity

Data Analysis

Enhanced flowcytometry analysis
Image J
Statistical analysis

After completing this course, you will have a more in-depth knowledge on neurobiology and immunology and will be able to perform experiments and evaluate the effectiveness and benefit of basic scientific research in the field of biomedical research.


  • Design      
  • Experimenting
  • Analyzing results
  • Management and administration
  • Reporting / Presentation
  • Planning and project-based work
  • Teamwork
  • Guiding/Supervising
  • Professional development

For whom?
Relevant to undergraduate Biology lab students (Laboratory Technician Training) who are interested in Biomedical Research.

Students who choose Biomedical Research as part of their major have priority. In case of a large number of applications for the minor there might be an interview.  

Admission requirements

You must have at least 2 years lab experience in higher vocational education in Biology and be able to display sufficient knowledge, skills and aptitude in the areas of cell Biology, immunology and molecular biology.

General admission requirements:

  • Earned your propaedeutic certificate.
  • Theory exam
  • Practical exam
  • Research plan & report
  • Research presentation
  • Journal club presentation
  • Lab journal
  • PDP & Reflection report
  • Oral assessment

Timetable details are published before the start of this course. Students are expected to be available Monday-Friday on the Nijmegen campus.

The semesters begin on 1 February and 1 September, classes may be planned from the Monday of that week.

Working methods

  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Guest lectures
  • Lab practical lessons
  • Tutorials: Assignment-based education

The latest editions of (recommended):   

- Reece et al., Campbell Biology. San Fransisco, CA:Pearson Education Inc.  

- Murphy K., Janeway’s Immunobiology, New York NY: Garland Science.  

- Mescher, A.L., Junqueira’s basic histology. Mc Graw Hill Education  

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