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The HAN Institute of Built Environment offers the exchange course Dutch Architecture and ‘how it finds its way into the World’ in a unique collaboration with ArtEZ Institute of the Arts.

You will learn about the history of Dutch Architecture and how it influences the rest of the world. Visit the highlights of modern Dutch Architecture and gain hands-on, inside-out experience on the spot. Discover design tools and learn how to use them. And apply your new skills and knowledge in your own design project.

Students will attend guest lectures by well-known Dutch architects who will talk about their projects and the stories behind them. They will also develop architectural skills, such as modelling, sketching and writing, work on their own designs and learn to use specific software and give presentations.


• history of modern Dutch Architecture
• urban planning
• the cultural landscape
• building analysis
• historical reflection
• design process

Type of minor
This is a specialisation exchange course. This means it enables you to further deepen your skills and knowledge within your own profession (professional profile).

Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes listed below will help you decide whether this exchange course matches your personal goals.

• Acquire hands-on experience in modern Dutch Architecture
• Reflect, think, talk and write about Dutch Architecture
• Explore various design and visualisation tools  
• Analyse the dynamics during the design process
• Communicate about your product with professionals


• Formulate a project definition
• Draft and assess alternatives in various design phases
• Prepare project data for a permit application
• Organise contract formation
• Evaluate and give feedback about project data
• Manage buildings
• Execute planned and project-based work
• Work in multidisciplinary groups
• Communicate effectively

Admission requirements
An exchange course will be of most benefit to you if it complements your study and/or your professional profile, is at an appropriate level and does not overlap with your major.

Students should be in the final year of their course and have specialised in the fields of architecture or building construction techniques. Alternatively, students may be grated admission based on their portfolio assessment.

For whom?

The Dutch Architecture exchange course is open to HAN students of Built Environment and students studying the equivalent of this course at another university of applied sciences.


During this exchange course, your performance will be assessed based on your portfolio.

This exchange course (minor) has the following schedule and learning activities:


• Every week on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
• Regular Wednesday excursions or guest lectures

Working methods

• Lectures
• Excursions
• Exercises
• Workshops
• Individual and group tracks
• Projects
• The Dutch Architecture exchange course will be taught at the HAN and ArtEZ campuses in Arnhem

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