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The International Teacher Programme (ITP) is a minor offered by HAN University of Applied Sciences. ITP helps prepare student teachers for an international career in bilingual and international schools both in the Netherlands and abroad.

This minor is only for students from the HAN University of Applied Sciences.

The International Teacher Programme (ITP) aims to meet the growing demand for teachers in internationally oriented schools where English is the language of instruction. The International Teacher Programme is a 2-year course that commences in the 1st semester of Year 2. Students learn how to teach their subject in English, how to design an international curriculum and how to set up collaborative projects with international colleagues.


The International Teacher Programme consists of 5 areas of study:

• English Language Skills
• Content & Language Integrated Learning (CLIL, i.e. Methodology of Teaching in L2)
• Internationalization & Curriculum Development
• Second Language Acquisition
• Teaching the Gifted

Type of exchange course
This exchange course can be taken as either a differentiation course or a specialisation course depending on your study programme.
• A differentiation course enables you to develop your professional competences in a different/broader context than your current study programme
• A specialisation course enables you to further deepen your skills and knowledge within the professional profile of your current study programme

The learning outcomes and competences below will help you decide whether this exchange course matches your personal goals.

Learning outcomes

• Master English at the B2/C1 level
• Understand and apply the methodology of teaching in a foreign language
• Understand the processes involved in learning a second language
• Create a safe classroom environment for pupils learning through an L2
• Promote the concept of internationalization in the school curriculum
• Design lesson material with a clear international dimension


• Master English at B2/C1 level
• Implement CLIL (principles of methodology of teaching in a second language) in the classroom
• Create a rich and safe L2 learning environment
• Ensure L2 input and output in the classroom
• Design lesson material for a curriculum with an international dimension
• Design a curriculum with a European and international orientation (EIO)
• Establish and maintain a network of international contacts
• Establish collaboration programmes with foreign colleagues

An exchange course will be of most benefit to you if it complements your study and/or your professional profile, is at an appropriate level and does not overlap with your major.

For whom?

The International Teacher Programme is intended for secondary school trainee teachers who are interested in pursuing an international teaching career. This minor is only for students from the HAN University of Applied Sciences.

Admission requirements

This minor is suitable for fulltime and part-time students who:

• Have completed the first-year programme of studies (i.e. propedeuse)
• Are students at a teacher training college
• Have scored a pass mark in the entry-level English test

During this exchange course your performance will be assessed in the following ways:

• Written examinations for all subjects at the end of each teaching period of 8 weeks
• Oral and listening exams for the subject English CPE

This exchange course has the following schedule and learning activities:


• Classes on Friday afternoons between 12.45 p.m. and 4 p.m.
• 3 contact hours a week (on average). Attendance is obligatory.Written examinations for all subjects at the end of each teaching period of 8 weeks

Learning activities

Students are taught in classes of approx. 25 students. Contact hours consist of lectures and classroom assignments to be carried out individually or in groups.

Reader 1317 CLIL & Internationalization
Reader 453 Teaching the Gifted
Reader 1318 Curriculum Development
New Proficiency PassKey ISBN 978-0-333-97436-0
How Languages are Learned P.Lightbown-N Spada

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