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This minor starts in semester 1 and 2 and is also offered in Dutch: 'Interactie tussen Mens Plant en Microorganisme'

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Central to this theme is the variety of interactions that take place between human, plant and microorganism. The consequence of these interactions can be both a favourable as unfavourable effect on one or more organisms. To understand these different interactions well, plant biology, human biology, microbiology and immunology are topics that are covered. Among others, infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance, the innate and acquired immune system and the plant response to internal and external signals are topics to be covered. The focus is on “discovery" of the Biodiscovery-chain.

Carrying out life science research
Results analysis
Quality control
Management and administration
Reporting and presenting
Planning and project-based working

This minor is also a unit of education of the 2nd year Bachelor of Life Sciences degree program. 

A propaedeutical certificate is required from a similar bachelor of science degree (e.g. Chemistry, Bioinformatics)   


  • Performance testing
  • Knowledge testing
  • Class participation
  • Practical assignment at a laboratory

Semesters start on 1 February and 1 September; classes start on the Monday of that week.

Timetable details are published before the start of each semester. Students are expected to be available Mon-Friday at the Nijmegen campus.

Learning methods

  • Lectures and guest speakers
  • Workshops
  • Practical lessons
  • Seminars
  • Professional development lessons

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