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Business between Germany and the Netherlands

Doing business between Germany and the Netherlands – doing business with the neighbours!

This minor gives you an optimal preparation to work in the international business world between Germany and the Netherlands and a start to undertake yourself or start working in Germany or countries where German is a main language or an official language, such as Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Germany is the largest trading partner in the Netherlands; It is the first and best choice for companies that want to take serious steps with international entrepreneurship, but that is also the case for 17 other EU countries. At the moment the Netherlands is the largest exporter to Germany and Germany is the largest importer in the Netherlands; How do we keep it that way?

Germany is the first economy of the EU, the second exporter in the world and the third importer in the world and offers good opportunities for entrepreneurs and for the start of an international career in international business for you. Conversely, the Netherlands is also an attractive market for German entrepreneurs.

As a student you will learn the essence of entrepreneurship between Germany and the Netherlands and how you can achieve an optimal working relationship between the Dutch and Germans. What are the sensitivities between the Dutch and the Germans, what is important in the interpersonal contact, how to achieve optimal results and how to prevent problems. The minor focuses on the broad spectrum of business contacts between the Netherlands and Germany and explicitly does not limit itself to certain industries. The minor is therefore accessible to students from courses in the field of management, economics, law, technology and medical training.

As to underline the international nature of this minor, this minor can be offered in both Dutch and English. Upon registration you need to indicate your preference if you want to follow the minor in English or in Dutch. Both versions offer a thorough German language and culture course.

In the context of field research, this minor has excursions to various German cities like Berlin or Munich and German and Dutch companies.


-German language and culture: private life, business life and business German and dealings with German authorities;

-Political and legal aspects of Germany in terms of private individuals, business, non-profit and public authorities;

-Business Development Management: Private, business, non-profit and government.

Kind of minor

The minor is both deepening and widening. In a deeper minor you specialize in your own profession (profile). In a widening minor you develop your professional competences in a different/broader context.

The minor is a minor block. The minor is offered 1 or 2 times per year as a block in a semester.

Learning Objectives

Judge for yourself whether the final qualifications of this minor correspond to your wishes and requirements.

You learn in this minor:

-Working in an international context, aimed at Germany;

-Take into account the cultural differences between the Netherlands and Germany (Cross Cultural Management);

-to express yourself at a professional level in German, in words and writings;

-Developing and developing business activities in Germany (Business Development Management);

-Set up a good marketing strategy;

-Working within German legal frameworks and preventing legal problems.



The student is able to work professionally in a German-speaking environment and is able to deal with German-speaking business relations.

The student has a knowledge of the German (business) culture and can apply this knowledge adequately;

The student is able to speak and correspond in correct business German, in which the German terminology (professional language) is central;

The student has knowledge of the principles of Business Development management and can apply this to a simple business case;

The student has knowledge of the specific aspects of marketing on the German market with respect to consumers, businesses and the government;

The student has an elementary knowledge of German constitutional law, administrative law, civil law and tax law and the way in which legal disputes involving both Dutch law and German law play a role are resolved.

For whom?

This minor is intended for a broad group of students. The business community needs people at university level who are able to communicate well with German partners. This concerns technical companies, medical companies as well as trading companies and service companies. Students from business economics and management studies as well as technical and (para) medical and nursing studies are therefore encouraged to take this minor.

Conditions for participation

The student must have obtained at least 100 ECs. The student must also be prepared to be optimally open to the German language, culture and legal background. The student must be prepared to step out of the comfort zone and fully immerse himself in German language and culture for a semester.

Good to know

In this minor, visits will be made to Germany: company visits, visits to government agencies (parliament, courts, etc.). Students are linked to Dutch organizations that develop activities in Germany or organizations in Germany, if possible in the field of the student's main study.

Testing of this minor is done in the following way:

continious assessment

portfolio assessment (including reflection report)

written (case) exam


Learning outcomes / assessment criteria:

the student communicates effectively with German partners in compliance with language conventions;

the student communicates effectively with German partners taking into account cultural differences;

the student draws up a value-adding business development management plan with German partners;

the student draws up a legally compliant business development plan with German partners;

the student draws up a financially supported business plan with German partners. 

Consider the following timetable information for this minor.

The definitive timetable will be announced no later than the week prior to the start of the minor, based on the assumption that students are available from Monday to Friday, so that they will not hold part-time jobs or follow other courses from Monday to Friday (8.45 am-5.30 pm) . Visits to Germany are arranged and announced on time.

Working forms

Seminars and guest lectures

Project assignments (portfolio)

Excursions (visits to Germany)


This minor mainly uses German-and/or English language literature; in principle the lessons are in English with guest lectures alternately in English and in German.

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