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The Internal Combustion Engine is the most used energy source in mobile applications that require a high power density such as cars, trucks, buses, agricultural tractors and ships. Seen in the light of current and future powertrain developments the internal combustion engine will serve its purposes now and in the future. The ICE continues to grow greener, becomes more application-specific, driven by well-to-wheel philosophy. The Minor Internal Combustion Engines at the HAN University of Applied Sciences offers you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge on Internal Combustion Engine technology and its journey into the future.

The internal combustion engine puts the world in motion. There are several challenges to make engines more powerful, quieter, reduce pollutant emissions, and increase the energy efficiency. Specialising on Internal Combustion Engines you will gain knowledge on current and future ICE technology and its corresponding approach in the engineering practice. A high level of collaboration is found with the HAN Minor Powertrain (in parallel) to establish the synergy required for ICE-vehicle application reflecting contemporary multi-disciplinary real-world practice.  

Through company visits and via a project assignment coming from the industry you get familiar with the professional practice that talks ICE all day, every day. You will learn about the combustion process, exhaust gas aftertreatment and turbocharging. Also, data processing, modelling and computer simulation using state-of-the-art industry standard software are prime subjects of this Minor.

Highlights on the Minor ICE topics:

  • Lectures on combustion (including alternative fuels), performance, emissions, energy efficiency, turbocharging
  • Synergies found with the Minor Powertrain covering hybrid drives and energy flows
  • Experience-driven and inspiring guest lectures by active members of the ICE engineering world (DAF, Mitsubishi Turbochargers)
  • Computer Aided Engineering: 1D Engine simulation (GTI GT-Power) and  3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (Solidworks)
  • Challenging and exciting real-world projects


Block exchange course

This exchange course is offered once a year in a block during a semester (September - January).

This is a specialisation exchange course. This means it enables you to further deepen your skills and knowledge within your own profession (professional profile).

Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes listed below will help you decide whether this exchange course matches your personal goals concerning your specialisation.

·         You learn about the factors that play a role in optimisation and design of internal combustion engines and exhaust gas aftertreatment.

·         You gain knowledge that you can apply in practice when working on engine development and testing including its (hybrid) powertrain integration.

·         During this Minor you will work on an extensive personal portfolio, a valuable asset whilst applying for your future graduation assignment or job application in the field. 



  • Analyse
  • Design
  • Consult
  • Research

Admission requirements

You need to have completed relevant education, resulting in base knowledge on topics such as:

  • Internal combustion engines
  • Thermodynamics and fluid dynamics
  • System engineering, measurement and control engineering
  • Electrical systems
  • Computer simulations

In its history the minor has been successfully completed by students with a (Automotive) Engineering, Aero-motive or Electrical Engineering background. A strong heart for the ICE and personal interest in the topic(s) is considered a strong enabler for completing this minor successfully.

An exchange course will be of most benefit to you if it complements your study and/or your professional profile, it is at an appropriate level and does not overlap with your major.

For whom?

For BSc students in technology who are interested in vehicle propulsion and internal combustion engines, while they are in the Minor-phase of their studies.

Nice to know

When in doubt whether you qualify or not please contact the Minor coordinator for a personal interview.


During this exchange course your performance will be assessed in a unique manner;

·         A personal assessment of your portfolio covering the topics involved

·         Assessment of the Minor Project

·         A ‘pressure cooker’ challenge where you are presented with an ICE related concept application accompanied by an assignment, defended and presented in person, within a tight time-frame of about 5 working days.

It is worth noting that the above effectively replaces the ‘classic’ written exams allowing you to put more focus on- and present your personal progression in the field of ICE engineering.


Students are expected to be available from Monday to Friday, so doing a part-time job or taking other subjects from Monday to Friday between 9:00-17:45 is not an option.

Working methods

  • Project assignments
  • Portfolio
  • Practical exercises
  • (Guest) Lectures
  • Study trips

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